Online Installation Guidance for Paraguay Customer

The customer purchased Beston’s pyrolysis equipment last year. Today, due to the impact of COVID-19, Beston’s after-sales team cannot reach the location of the client’s factory. However, In order to ensure the safe and correct installation of equipment, Beston’s after-sales personnel insist on online 24 hours to guide customers to install pyrolysis equipment.

When the whole world is in Coronavirus epidemic,

When no flights for engineers to go overseas,

What can we BESTON do for our oversea customers;

Beston offer online installation guidance for oversea customers.

Flights can be stopped, cities can be shutdown.

Beston service never stop, never.

Choose Beston, Choose Success

With Beston online guidance, customer is doing better and better. It is believed that customers will obtain high-quality fuel oil through pyrolysis equipment and make huge profits.

BASTON has been committing to changing waste material into thing of value, engineering for tomorrow’ s world with innovation and service. Our products have been exported to twenty countries. Our products convert waste to wealth and improve human living environment.

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